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How much can I get for this piece of jewelry? How much is my jewelry worth?

After a general inspection of the jewelry we check for markings, we then select the jewelry (gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, etc) and test for the purity of the metal and stones. Based on the total weight and the actual contents of the precious metal and stones, we estimate, evaluate, and calculate the value of the item. Then considering the day's metal marker, we offer you the maximum dollar value for that piece. So, each and every piece will be different in value.

How do you test for the purity of the metal?

An overall inspection and the basic magnetic test of the items will eliminate any non precious metallic jewelry. Then an appropriate acid test is performed which provides us a much better understanding about the contents of the piece under consideration. If needed, we make an additional electronic test on the item to verify the accuracy. In rare cases, a spectrophotometric analysis is required to provide you with a proper reading that requires 24-48 hours; however, it generally is not needed.

What is scrap jewelry? What is the meaning of scrap gold, scrap silver and/or scrap metal?

Any broken, defective, or damaged jewelry beyond repair often becomes undesirable to use or wear, and is referred to as "scrap jewelry". Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium scrap jewelry maintain their melt value, or rather, their liquid value. Therefore, your undesired jewelry, at the right place and at the right time, can bring you a considerable amount of money.

I got a lot of mixed jewelry and I don't even know where to start. What should I do with it? What would be a fair value for my merchandise?

You can bring in your jewelry and we will help you sort through what you have from start to finish. We will carefully examine it and select any potential candidates to check for precious metals and stones. We will then proceed with a further detailed analysis to give the highest possible estimate for your merchandise.

I have had this gold & silver jewelry for many years and it looks really good, but it shows markings of 14kt GF. What does this mean?

These markings can be quite confusing for customers because there are additional letters along with the "10kt" or "14kt" stamp. And the details are not easily discernible. This is what is known as "Gold Filled", "Rolled Gold", or "Rolled Gold Filled". This type of jewelry is often marked as "10kt RGM", "1/10 14kt GF", "1/20 12kt GF", etc. It is not the regular type of 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, etc. jewelry. It contains extremely small amounts of gold, but when sold in large quantities it may give you a good value.

What about gold plated items? After all they are plated with gold there must be some gold in it?

You are absolutely right, but there is only trace amounts of gold on them. The plating is done in microns thus it would require a substantial quantity of jewelry to payout for a very small amount of gold. So it generally is not pragmatic to analyze and process it unless there is a large quantity. Also, gold-plating is not always done with real gold.

Do I get anything for the stones mounted in my jewelry?

Yes, we certainly do take the diamonds and precious gemstones into account and we evaluate them accordingly. If the diamonds and gemstones are tiny and commercial grade, then we will be unable to take them into consideration. Diamonds and precious stones of larger size and good quality add to the overall value of the jewelry.

I have a considerable amount of gold & silver coins/bullions lying around, what can I do to get the right value?

There may be some valuable coins mixed in your collection. You can bring them in and we can help you to regroup them according to their value. On the precious metallic coins (e.g. silver, gold, platinum) we can offer high value. The other type of collection of coins can be better appreciated by those dealers who handle those coins exclusively.

Do you buy watches?

Gold watches, and other precious watches are given priority.

I have coffee sets, trays, vases and flatware that appear to be real silver. Are they of any value?

Most of these items are made up of stainless steel or alloys of copper, nickel, zinc, antimony, or tin, and may be silver plated. These alloys are often labeled with the name of the manufacturer or silversmith, then followed by the word "silver" (i.e. German Silver, Dansk Silver, Nickle Silver, International Silver, New Silver, etc.); however they are not sterling silver. These words are often misinterpreted and can be misleading. Always look for the "925" and/or "Sterling Silver" mark; only these markings are reliable and will ensure the quality of silver. As always if you are uncertain, we can help you identify them.

How can I trust you as an honest dealer? How do I know that you would be giving me the most for my jewelry?

This is perhaps the most difficult question to answer. In this case you have to be the judge. We simply strive to be the most reliable dealer. When you bring your jewelry to our store, we handle all of your jewelry with care and attention. We analyze the items right in front of you; all of the tests and measurements are performed while you watch, so you will know exactly what is going on with your jewelry. The calculations are done with the current, live-spot metal market price (gold, silver, platinum, etc). After you feel fully satisfied, only then we make the transaction.

Will the prices of gold, silver, and platinum keep going up or will they slide down?

There are several factors that control and make an impact on the metal market. The economy of the United States together with the nation's political climate can cause the market to fluctuate. This however is not limited to the U.S. economy; market conditions are heavily reliant and influenced by the global economic conditions, along with situations in the oil rich nations and their relations with other countries. So it is extremely difficult given the wide range of variables to predict what will happen next. By staying current and well informed with the country and world's events, one may be able to foresee upcoming changes